That’s a big call, but can you really double your speed?

YES *— John Ballinger

tabnine — free & paid version

TabNine is a tool that using machine learning and some magical AI to analyse your code using GPT2. For me, indexing was super fast and suggestions don’t cause any slowdowns when I’m coding.

What makes this even more magical is that my code doesn’t leave my machine (you can offload to the cloud in the Pro versions, probably required for slower windows machines).

There has been nothing more special to me than the Web Meetup. Before I joined the meetup, I had a small web development company called BlueSpark in Mt Eden. I built a lot of solutions for various companies and was a hired gun for Saatch&Saatchi. This simply meant they would just call me up and say they had this awesome site designed and it’s going live… tomorrow. This always resulted in what we call in the trade an ‘all nighter’. Don’t deliver on time, then it’s a ‘double all nighter’.

I found the Auckland Web Meetup by chance, it was…

It’s still 2008 and in the my previous article I was frantically building the Twitter client called Tweetr in Actionscript 3.

The key “innovation” with Tweetr was that it used a LOT of microservices. Each of the microservices was built from my couch or living room table. They only took a few days to build. Whether or not the term minimum viable product (MVP) had been coined yet, these products were exactly that.

KURL — Make my links short. Really short.

The first service I needed to build was a link shortener. I wanted a short catchy domain name. I wanted a two letter TLD so I used…

It at all started with Twitter and asking Daniel Too if he wanted to signup to in 2007

During this time time was pretty new, and if you look at the conversations that took place then, they were COMPLETELY different! It was way more personal. For isolated workers/contractors, I would describe it as:

A conversation around the office watercooler

Twitter at that time, was really personal, simply, messages between friends.
No Ads. Just people talking to each other, broadcast didn’t really exist (well no one was listening), so @ messages normally got people stirred up 😤 . Thinking about it now, heck, there were no ‘favs’ either. …

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